You’re not psychic, but just imagine if you were

If you could read minds, just imagine how much power you could hold in the palms of your two hands. You would know what others were thinking of you at any given time. And as a result, you could instigate the necessary response. This is pertinent if someone was a threat to you and could even be in a position to impose long term damage to your life. This is ominous but if you had the psychic powers it would matter not.

Only, the thing is, you do not have psychic powers. Just imagine again if you did. Imagine what this would mean for your existing relationships with loved ones. What an attraction this would be for the opposite sex. Being able to read his or her innermost and secret thoughts could lead to you landing the big fish. Imagine how wealthy you could be if you could use your psychic powers to read the stock markets.

But the thing is this; you do not have those powerful psychic powers. Say now you really are in a spot of bother. What you could do with those psychic powers to fix your problems. This, really, is a job for the truly gifted who are, indeed, able to sit with you for a while and conduct qualified psychic readings over you and provide you with helpful feedback on how to nip those problems in the bud.

You may also be wondering what risk there could be to you if you go down this avenue. Perhaps none, seeing as those who are truly scholastic in their practices maintain balance through their religious influences. The dogma dictates that no harm is done to another human being.